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In today's world, we are subject to a wide array of assaults on our immune systems. Discover what you can do strengthen your body's immune system, increase your clarity and rid yourself of toxins for total rejuvenation.

Aurora is a professional Health Intuitive. She has lectured for the National Health Federation for over 20 years and has appeared on 100s of TV and radio shows. Aurora is the host of Vortex Network News - VNN, heard worldwide on, with free Archives.

Aurora has worked privately with individuals as a health intuitive helping thousands of people realize and tap into their Higher natures, and to discover greater health and rejuvenation for themselves. She is a trained hypnotherapist who works with past-life regressions and teaches an ancient technique called "tresspasso" that allows people to see their own, and other's past lives. She is an expert in opening Chakras and increasing the Auric Field. She has designed a Chakra Balancing Power Crystal that many report has assisted in much greater strength and balance.

Clients who have contacted Aurora from around the world, report that their health sessions with her have given them important guidance, insight and greater strength.

Discover Techniques, Tools and Principles that will make a BIG difference in your life!

Setup your recorded session today and get on the path to great health!
90-Minute Health Session:

*** NOTE: After you book your session through PayPal, please call Aurora Light to schedule your session. She can be reach at:
602-626-8115 or 480-709-2866

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