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We believe that the body is a magical work of art that allows an individual to shape it into their desire. Each one of us has the ability to create a healthy body with our spiritual awareness, mental and emotional balance, proper nutrition, nutritional support, fresh air, clean water, proper exercise, and having a clear EMF environment. For this reason our products have been carefully chosen to assist you in achieving the results you desire - your distributor and health consultant, Aurora Light.

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Click picture to ZOOMAurora Atlantean Chakra Crystal
The Aurora Atlantean Chakra Crystal was exclusively designed by Aurora Light. She was inspired by the Spiritual Hierarchy to create a SPECIAL crystal pendant for the Lightworkers and Star People.

Aurora designed these pendants over two decades ago. Since that time thousands of Lightworkers have realized the effects from having their electric body balanced and increased by this powerful instrument. Each piece is total perfection, the stones that are placed upon the crystal and the quartz crystal are all the worlds top quality. Our clients report that they feel the effects immediately after placing it upon their being. Healer's report that their healing is more powerful and effective. Remarkable transformations have taken place such as chakra and kundalini's opening by all ages, even the elderly. Realize your highest potential now.

Click picture to ZOOMVIBE PRO Deluxe
The VIBE PRO Deluxe Heavy Duty Vibration Stand-up Massager gives you powerful stimulation to your body and benefits your health.

Research shows that it strengthens the cells of the body due to the repeated automatic “Stretch Reflex” in the muscles. “Whole Body Vibration” is the hottest and latest technology in Fitness and in Hollywood.

The VIBE PRO Deluxe is fun, easy to use, and YOU get a great "Passive Aerobic Workout" in minutes! 

Click picture to ZOOMDetox Pro Dual Ionic Spa Footbaths
There are numerous Health Benefits of using a Ionic-Detox Foot Bath, which includes eliminating heavy metals and many other toxins from the body, and helping the Lymph Gland to more effeciently release toxins, through the foot (toxins are always released from the Lymph Gland through the hands and feet). 

Click picture to ZOOMDetox Pro Array Replacement
Our Replacement Array coils are made of 304 grade stainless steel and have a 40 to 60 session lifespan. Most other arrays are made of 200 series steel, which is much more corrosive because it consists of 15% carbon (304 steel is 8% carbon). Therefore, the arrays will not last as long. We guarantee that these arrays will last a full 40-60 sessions. Contains 10 coils of stainless steel (most other arrays have 5 coils). They have the standard phono jack connector, which is 1/4" diameter and 1" long.

Click picture to ZOOMThe CHI Pro Exerciser
The CHI Pro Exerciser opens lymphantic glands and the body's meridian's. Five minutes using the CHI Pro Exerciser is equal to over a mile brisk walk. Feel the results, as you lay there relaxing while the passive resistance of your muscles take place and the aligning of your spinal column. The treat at the end of the session takes place when the meridians open and your body tingles from head to toe. You know the CHI Pro Exerciser has opened your CHI energy!

*** Health Galleria Combo Special ***
Provide your spa with the latest in health technology! Buy a Health Galleria Combo Special, which includes 1 VIBE PRO Deluxe, 1 DETOX PRO, and 1 CHI PRO and get FREE shipping!

Click picture to ZOOM ACULIGHT Acupuncture with Light
The ACULIGHT was designed by Aurora Light to assist in healing a variety of conditions ranging from migraines, and skin conditions, pain relief, rejuvenation, to opening meridian's, and repairing organs. Our special intro price makes them affordable to every individual. For healers it is a must in your toolbag.

Click picture to ZOOMKM Worlds #1 Mineral Supplement
Having clean blood free of toxins and pollutants can be achieved by eating a superior diet and ingesting KM Supplement by Matol Botanical. KM special properties include, increasing your electrolytes and oxygenating your blood. This #1 selling liquid botanical is being taken by people worldwide with fabulous results. Distributorships are available in your area for those of you who are income producers or in the healing field. "This liquid botanical is indeed magical, as I have never known It not to help a person In all the [60] years I have been recommending it," stated Dr. Carl Jurak the inventor, who passed away a few years ago after living a rich and full life as a worldclass scientist. We knew him, and he looked like a picture of health, well into his 90's! Both of us (Michael & Aurora) have been taking KM since 1987 when It was first introduced in the US. Live blood cell analysis has proven to us that the KM herbal formula is indeed very special, because our blood looks to be free of toxins and each red blood cell has a bright golden corona around it. The cells also appear to be highly oxygenated and look as though they are dancing to a beautiful symphony. So if you are tired or low energy, or in poor health or just want to improve your health that God gave you, you will be happy with the results KM provides. The build up of energy that takes place in your system becomes obvious. It takes 90 days to clean out your blood and another 5 months to clean out every organ in your body. Go for it, you'll be happy you did!

Click picture to ZOOM IODINE SUPPLEMENT: Powdered Organic Kelp
The BEST natural source of Iodine is from "sea vegetables" such as Kelp. Kelp is a type of seaweed and is a staple in the Japanese diet. It is commonly used in making soup broths and sushi rolls.

In regards to radiation exposure, Powdered Organic Kelp is highly recommended and on average, 0.9 gms (1/4 tsp) contains 389 mcg of Iodine. For adults over the age of 18, about 2.7 gms (3/4 tsp) of Powdered Kelp/day should act as a reasonable radiation prophylactic protocol. Children need approximately half that amount.

The purpose of using Iodine as a radiation prophylactic protocol is that radioactive Iodine isotopes are released during uncontrolled thermonuclear reactions. If our Thyroid's Iodine receptors are not fully bound with healthful Iodine, any radioactive Iodine isotopes we ingest or inhale can bind in our Thyroid and cause long-term DNA damage leading to cancer.

Click picture to ZOOM DIGESTIVE AID: GB-3
The Digestive Aid GB-3 contains Pancreatin and Ox Bile enzymes. People over the age 50 with illnesses and low vitality need this type of digestive support.

GB-3 ingredients stimulate Bile production and enhance digestion. The dehydrocholic acid also helps acidify the intestine, which is very helpful. It removes parasites, debris and other pathogens in the intestines where most people today have some degree of intestinal dysbiosis. This means the presence of infections, yeasts, parasites and other flora or microorganisms living in the intestines that should not be there. GB-3 will help kill many of these. If it happens too quickly, one will get diarrhea from the product and must start with less of it, even just one-half a tablet daily until the intestine is cleared and one can handle more of it.

The great advantage of this product is that it replaces a wide range of pharmaceutical-type products that other doctors use to remove Candida Albican, parasites and other abnormal bowel organisms.

Click picture to ZOOM Aurora Silver Topical Eye Drop Formulation
The Aurora Silver is specially formulated to treat infections of the eye.

For thousands of years, silver has played as essential role in safeguarding human health and wellness. Until 1938, colloidal silver was the preferred choice of physicians for empowering the immune system and stimulating the body’s innate healing processes.

Click picture to ZOOMCHI Balls for CHI Massage and Exercise.
CHI Balls were developed by Aurora Light to be used during exercise and massage. The 100% pure copper has been analyzed by laboratories to ensure purity when holding the CHI Balls during exercise or massage. A person will feel their electromagnetic greatly increase and energy blocks removed. Try the CHI Balls for yourself and let us know your results, we think you'll love them as much as we do.

Click picture to ZOOM Premium Shower Filter
Our Premium Shower Filter removes chlorine, easy to install, and fits standard showers. Chlorine may be useful but it doesn't belong on the skin, in the hair or in the lungs! Now, there is a simple and effective way to help remove this dangerous substance from the shower environment.
Enjoy the benefits of chlorine-free shower water the natural way.


Click picture to ZOOM Premium Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement
Our Replacement Filter Cartridges installs in seconds with no tools required.

Click picture to ZOOM Water Filter
Our 10-Stage Water Filter filter comes complete and ready to use. Absolutely no plumbing is required. Simply replace your sink supply strainer with our sink strainer and water supply line! In less than 1 minute, you will have crystal clear, filtered, great-tasting water at your kitchen tap.

This filter has 10 different stages to give you the very purest water compared to the more common 1-stage filters that only filter out some contaminates.

Click picture to ZOOMFar Infared Sauna "NASA Inspired"
Far infrared saunas were developed by NASA to keep the astronauts healthy during their space missions, using only the healing rays of the sun spectrum. Far infrared technology is now known to be the premier state of the art technology for healing many debilitating conditions and for total body rejuvenation. Using the far infrared sauna 20 minutes once or twice a day softens wrinkles, aids in cellular rejuvenation, muscle tissue repair, and cartilage formation. The far infrared sauna is necessary to staying young and healthy. Now affordable for smaller spas and personal home use! Our far infrared sauna system offers you snap together fine wooden cabinets.

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